Mr. Imran Abdullah, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Grapho Line Trading LLC. Since its inception, the company has been involved in introducing various products to the Packaging & Printing Industry under the banner of Kodak Graphic Communications. It is established as a true industry leader, as we represent Kodak Graphic Communications in UAE.

Who We Are

Our products are by far the most advanced and of utmost quality, which means less downtime, greater efficiency and true reliability for clients all over in UAE. By virtue of its customer focused policy our company is fully oriented towards fulfilling customer needs. This edge over other competitors has further strengthened our claim of better serving its clients.

Our team includes competent and professional staff members who are successfully performing their duties in Marketing, Sales & Support, Human Resource, Finance and Logistics departments. They are qualified and seasoned in their respective areas of expertise. They are constantly updated & being trained with latest industry norms evolving by the time and also equipped with the techniques to cope with the swift global variations.

As the market of print is advancing day by day and is being completely merged into the digital field,so are our products and services. GTL is able to provide 24/7 service to its demanding customers through its engineers. Our Vision and mission statement : DO MORE WITH LESS